Banff National Park - Johnston Canyon Project

Utilizing over ten years of research and performance validation conducted at the University of Waterloo, Agassiz Enviro-Systems renovated the wastewater treatment infrastructure at the Johnston Canyon Trailhead as part of continuing efforts to provide modern and environmentally sound facilities to enhance visitor experience at Banff National Park.

The project utilizes steelmaking slag provided by U. S. Steel Canada and screened by Waterford Crushing and Screening, a sister company of Canadian Slag Services Inc. This novel use of slag utilizes its free lime to chemically bind the residual phosphorus and meets the required standard of passive removal of phosphate to 0.15 mg/l. A beneficial side effect is a measureable drop in e-coli and coli form bacteria, all of which help preserve this pristine environment. 

The project has been designed to incorporate innovative environmental practices and technologies that will serve as a showcase model that might be adopted by other locations.