External Steel
Slag Paving Jobs

1.4 km section of the Lincoln Alexander Freeway (1997)

Skid Resistance Requests
-Waterdown Road
-Old Ancaster Rd
-Campbellville Rd
-Osler Drive
-Dewitt Hill

Heavier Duty Roads
-Hwy 20 Stoney Creek
-Birch St
-Burlington Street
-Industrial Drive (1996)

-High stability pavements
  • Strong, cubic aggregate
  • Unconfined freeze-thaw loss 1~4%
-Skid resistance
  • Good micro texture, resists polishing
  • PSV 55~60
  • Loss by Micro-Deval abrasion 4~10%
-Stripping resistance
  • Naturally alkaline

  • Higher than most natural aggregates +20%
  • BRD 3.2~3.4
-Volume expansion
  • Will not be zero, but can be <1%
  • Higher than many aggregates 1.5~2.5%

Iron making and Steelmaking slags are products of the steel making process. Once stockpiled as low value byproducts, they are now accepted and often preferred and specified as a valuable raw material with many end uses.

Air-Cooled Blast Furnace Slag

  Asphalt aggregate
Concrete/masonry aggregate
Insulation/mineral wool
Cement manufacturing raw material
Agriculture/soil amendment
Roof aggregate
Railroad ballast
Glass manufacture
Gabions/rip rap
Environmental applications - filter media

Pelletized Blast Furnace Slag

Concrete masonry
Lightweight concrete
Lightweight fill
Road base aggregate

Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

  GGBS Cement
Soil cement
Roller compacted concrete
Road base
Agriculture/soil amendment

Steel Slag

  Asphalt aggregate
Cement manufacturing raw feed
Agriculture/soil amendment
Environmental applications - filter media
Railroad ballast
Road base aggregates
Gabions/rip rap.

Recent Paving Experience Using Steel Slag Aggregate

  Birch St - Hamilton Ontario

1997 - Hamilton Base course & surface course (HM3) on a concrete base

  Dofasco - Heavy Equipment Route

1999 - Hamilton 10 inches of high stability HL8 done in three lifts

  HL8 - Internal Paving at Dofasco

EAF Scrap Handling Building Apron ~5000 tonnes
50% Coarse SSA 5.1% AC
Stability 16,100 N 3.4% Air Voids
BRD 2.754 14.4% VMA

  The Lincoln Alexander Parkway

1.4 km test strip built 1997
47.0% Coarse SSA
42.4% Redlands Man. Sand
10.6% Nelson Sand
6.0% AC
2.0% Air Voids
15.4% VMA
Stability 16,900 N
BRD 2.731